ギネス世界記録に登録されている本四連絡橋を全制覇! 世界遺産の姫路城・広島 原爆ドーム・厳島神社も見逃せません!!

Special tour - Nov. 12-16, 2018 - Setouchi 5days

◎Ride across all “Honshu-Shikoku Bridges” (listed in Guinness World Records)
◎World heritage: Peace Memorial Park & Atom dome (Hiroshima), Itsukushima Shrine(Miyajima),  Himeji-jo Castle
◎Japanese soul food: Soba, Okonomiyaki, Sanuki udon 
◎Amazing winding roads and beautiful seaside roads, beautiful autumn leaves
◎Support car(carry your baggage)and Navigator go together

1st day(Nov. 12|Monday)

◎Lunch:variety box lunch(eat in ferry) ◎Dinner:course of the Japanese food(10 dishes with free drink)at the traditional Japanese house ◎Stay: city hotel in Takamatsu

2nd day(Nov. 13|Tuesday)

◎Breakfast: smorgasbord ◎Lunch: hand-made Soba(very famous buckwheat shop) ◎Dinner: Italian course(8 dishes without drink) ◎Option: Hiroshima styled okonomiyaki(after dinner) ◎Stay:city hotel in Hiroshima

3rd day(Nov. 14|Wednesday)

バイクと荷物をホテルに預けたまま、世界遺産の平和記念公園と原爆ドームを散策しましょう。これらに興味のない方は、ホテルで休んでいてください。その後、世界遺産の厳島神社へ向かいます。午後は日本有数の造船地帯を走り抜けて、本州四国連絡橋のひとつ “しまなみ海道” を渡ります。夜は日本風のリゾートホテルで日本料理と温泉を楽しみます。
◎Breakfast: smorgasbord ◎Lunch: the specialty of Miyajima(Sea eel meal or Oyster meal or Beef meal) ◎Dinner: traditional Japanese course ◎Stay: big hotel with hot springs in Imabari

4th day(Nov. 15|Thursday)

◎Breakfast: smorgasbord ◎Lunch: Pizza or Pasta or Curry rice with coffee or tea ◎Dinner: traditional Japanese course ◎Stay: traditional Japanese hotel with hot springs

5th day(Nov. 16|Friday)

◎Breakfast: search and discover “Sanuki udon” restaurants(The meal charges are not included in a tour fee.) ◎Lunch: eat at transport cafe of the expressway(The meal charges are not included in a tour fee.)

《Message from tour director》
Best balance of sightseeing and bike riding — 観光も、ライディングも、食事もバランスよく楽しめるツアーに仕上がっています。ガイドブックに載っていない本当の日本を、たっぷりと味わってください。

《Tour fee》

A price changes by the class of the rental motorcycle.

Superior class:JPY 330,330
 Ducati – Panigale V4-S, Multistrada 1260S, X-Diavel
 BMW – S1000RR, R1200GS

Premium class:JPY 314,930
 Ducati – 959 Panigale, Supersport, Monster 1200S, Scrambler1100 Sport
 BMW – R1200RS, R1200R, S1000R, RnineT Pure

Standard class:JPY 303,280
 Ducati – Monster 821, Monster 797, Scrambler Cafe racer, Scrambler Icon

《Our fee system》 Tour fee = [A] + [B] + [C]

A: Motorcycle rental fee + Insurance
・Superior class(5 days) = JPY 97,800 + JPY 9,600 = JPY 107,400
・Premium class(5 days) = JPY 82,400 + JPY 9,600 = JPY 92,000
・Standard class(5 days) = JPY 70,750 + JPY 9,600 = JPY 80,350

B: Accommodations, meals, parking, worship, expressway, fuel and others
・expressway toll: JPY 13,170
・ferry fare: JPY 7,920
・parking rate: JPY 1,400
・worship charges: JPY 1,900
・lunch: JPY 5,996(except 5th day)
・hotel charges: JPY 44,300(include breakfast and 3rd & 4th day’s dinner)
・dinner: JPY 10,500(1st & 2nd nights)
・fuel charges: JPY 11,694
◎total = JPY 97,930
*In the above-mentioned items, we do not profit. The fee is free, too.
*If we don’t pay because of unavoidable circumstances, we will refund you the charge.

C: Touring support = JPY 125,000
・ touring navigator(lead the way)
・maintenance motorcycles during the tour 
・support car(carry your baggage)
・baggage storage at Casuno motorcycle
・transportation(Kyoto station or hotels ⇔ Casuno motorcycle)
*All prices are tax-included.


2018年11月7日 24:00の時点で参加者が3名に満たない場合はツアーを中止します
If a participant does not reach three people as of 24:00 of November 7th, we cancel this tour.

If you have the license which can drive motorcycles more than 750cc in Japan, you can participate in this tour, no matter what nationality you are.

A purpose of this tour is to have you experience Japanese history and culture, nature. This tour is not to compete for the speed.

By unavoidable circumstances such as road blocked, we may change a route.  As a result, the sightseeing spot which we planned may not be visited. If we don’t pay because of unavoidable circumstances, we will refund you the charge.

We do not refund the price for meal which you did not eat by your circumstances.

When you cause an accident by reckless driving and came to have to change the contents of the tour, please bear the expense that occurred newly. When you were hurt, please pay the treatment costs by yourself.

When we cannot continue this tour by natural disasters such as an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, we cancel the tour at that point.  When we cancel this tour, we do not refund except [B]price that we do not pay.


When you cancel a tour, we accept the following cancellation fees.
・Nov. 12(cancellation day)= 100% of tour fee
・Nov. 11(cancellation day)= 50% of tour fee
・Nov. 10(cancellation day)= 30% of tour fee
・Nov.  9(cancellation day)= 10% of tour fee

《Travel information》

Access info to KYOTO
Accommodations( We recommend that you stay at neighborhood of Kyoto Station or the Gion area. )