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Rental bike, Routing service, Navigator, Special tour

Rental bike Ducati Panigale V4-S

Rental bike

Ducati-11 models, BMW-6 models

three islands touring in japan

Three islands 9days — experience all of Japan

Experience all of Japan

安曇野 azumino

Kanazawa 5days — great nature!

World heritage “Shirakawa-go”, Japan alps, Kurobe dam, touring on the beach!

Mt. Fuji and Yamanakako lake

Sanctuary of biker – 5days

Beautiful winding roads are worth visiting at least once in your life.

瀬戸大橋 Great Seto Bridge

Setouchi 4-5days — ride across all “Honshu-Shikoku Bridges”

Ride across all Honshu-Shikoku Bridges(listed in the Guinness Book)

大山 Mt. Daisen

Tottori 3days — adventure touring

You can run through all kinds of corners.

ise-koyasan 4days

Ise-Koyasan 4days — feel Buddhism and Shintoism

touring to feel Buddhism and Shintoism

Kushitani and HYOD

Shopping 2days — reward myself!

Kushitani and HYOD head shop, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycle museum, Outlet mall

予約 reservation


Rental bike, Rental goods, Rooting service, Navigator etc.